Connecting the Cities of the World with Parksen


In the Netherlands, every municipality takes care of their own software and hardware when managing parking spots. This means that they all have to individually develop and roll out new functionalities, updated prices and other upgrades. In doing so, they have to pay millions every single time something new has to be added, and to make things worse it means that there is no national norm.

Internationally, the situation looks the same. Lack of cooperation between municipalities and companies such as parking garages leads to a monumental loss of time and money for all parties, drivers included. That is why we have created a one-size-fits all, cloud-based Green, Smart and Connected City Platform. This plug-and-play system can be adopted by any city, at any time, free of charge.

Get Connected

The Parksen City Platform utilizes a variety of Smart Sensors and Internet of Things (IoT) devices that map and display accurate and real-time information on congestion and pollution, making the management of your available parking spots easy and efficient. This data is then processed and delivered through our universal dashboards and Parksen Parking app, allowing all end-users to benefit from the gathered information.

By connecting the metropolises of the world through one solution, we will be able to build up an extensive database which cities can then use to develop sustainable and smart city development solutions that will improve the standards of living for its inhabitants. It is a great step towards creating a global norm of Green, Smart and Connected Cities.

Get Involved

Parksen as an app and as a platform will revolutionize urban infrastructure development, but to do so proficiently we will need all the help we can get. If you think that you would benefit from Parksen, please check out the whitepaper for more in-depth information on our green solutions.

A greener, smarter and more connected city starts with you, so let’s get to it!

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