Car sharing could help ease the traffic during holiday season

Car sharing is part of a larger trend of shared mobility, which includes all modes of travel that offer short-term access to transportation on demand either for personal transportation or goods delivery.

For example, Zipcar is one of the largest car-sharing networks in the world, it is an American company and a subsidiary of Avis Budget Group. In the UK, the car sharing services is called car clubs or carpooling. It is part of a larger trend of shared mobility.


Car sharing contributes to sustainable transport because it is a less car intensive means of urban transport. According to the Economist, car-sharing can reduce car ownership. So, it reduces the parking issues for cities as well.

According to a research paper by Susan Shaheen, Daniel Sperling, and Conrad Wagner, over the past decade car-sharing has become more common, especially in Europe. The authority organization in Europe is: car-sharing Association. In Germany and Switzerland, they are beginning to deploy a suite of automatic technologies that facilitate the operation and management services of car sharing. However, most of the car sharing system in Europe is small scale.

Successful experiences with car-sharing begin in Europe and in the mid-1980s with CSOs (European Car-sharing Operations). Current CSAs exist in Denmark, England, France, Ireland, Italy, Norway, Switzerland, and Sweden. Approximately 200 CSOs are active in 350 cities throughout Switzerland, Austria, the Netherlands, and Germany. Europe currently represents over 50% of the global car-sharing market, with 5.8 million users and 68,000 cars in 2016.

Thanksgiving holidays is coming at the end of this month, are you going to use the car sharing services to reduce the load of parking around the mall area? In Europe, there is a lot of choices, just check online. When you are using the car sharing services in the Netherlands, do not forget to remind your friends to use Parksen’s app to facilitate the parking process. That will definitely save a lot of time and money for your car sharing trip!

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