Bosch and Daimler launch automated valet parking in China

Bosch and Daimler have successfully launched the pilot of an automated valet parking service in China in September this year.

The pilot project was launched in Beijing, the users could just put a tap on their smartphones, and the cars could be returned automatically. As a driver, you probably know how frustrating it is to park cars in a parking space. The new invention would help car owners to park cars while they have already headed out toward their destinations.

Automated Valet Parking is an important milestone of autonomous driving. Bosch and Daimler’s automated valet parking system provides an early look at how automated driving technologies could help people to park smartly.

In 2017, Mercedes-Benz also rolled out one of the first ever automated valet parking technologies. After that, Bosch has tested out its own technology in Mercedes Chinese research center in Beijing. Experts believe that automated valet parking is an important milestone on the road toward autonomous driving.

Parksen is very excited to see this new smart parking invention being tested. We are an innovative company who dares to test in the field as well. We also went to China to test out our app, and it was a successful experiment. We would like to expand fast in China, and we need your investment to reach that goal. Join us for the parking revolution!


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