#BlackFridayParking—make the parking space in your community better!

10 years ago, there was a parking movement going on in North America called ‘Strong Towns’. They asked people to get together and take initiatives to care about their town environment, and so they could help the communities to prosper.

One of the online movements is taking pictures of the parking spaces around retail stores in their hometowns, that are empty or misused on the day of Black Friday. Since parking is an essential element to determine if a city is well designed or not.

If you check #BlackFridayParking online, you can see people posting pictures of the parking lots in their hometowns. The reason that the organization initiated this movement, was because they thought there were many parking lots that were apparently empty, even during heavy shopping seasons like Black Friday.

This shows the design of the parking lots are not appropriate and it needs to be changed. Parking problem is indeed universal. The ‘Strong Towns’ approach is something not political. For example, #BlackFridayParking is demonstrating the parking issues online and seeking solutions without political influences. Moreover, it is a grass root movement, that emphasizes a down-to-top approach.

They point out and draw a nationwide attention and actions for the harmful nature of land waste in North America. Each year on Black Friday, one of the biggest shopping days in North America, people are invited to snap photos of the parking lots in their communities, how unnecessary these massive lots are. It’s a fascinating, environmental event that you might want to join this year as well.

Parksen is also a solution that is for environmental issues but does not want to go political. Because we also know that parking has dramatically shaped our cities, our lives, so we want to help the cities to improve it. Join us for the parking revolution!

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