A robot that will save you a parking spot!

What would you do when you want to find a parking space? Most of the time, we will ask our friends or families in the car, to stand on a parking spot, so we could park in it.

Now we have a robot that could do it for us. A Miami-based parking company—MyPark, has deployed mobile space blockers to hold spots for customers. The customers could pay via its smartphone app.

MyPark has the partnership with Indianapolis-based Simon Property Group, the largest mall operator in the U.S., so you could see the parking robot in the malls. According to Forbes.com, they offer spaces close to entrances or to destinations within a shopping centre such as a restaurant, movie theatre, or food court.

This is such a great way for the malls to fulfill consumers’ demand for easy parking. Outside of the U.S., MyPark plans to expand to Europe, Latin American, and the United Arab Emirates and has already formed a relationship with Dubai.

Smart parking revolution is everywhere and Parksen is always ready to join, partner and lead the way. We have the smart platform that would solve you a lot of parking issues too.

Join us for the parking revolution!

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