Parksen is a no-brainer for your investment

Parksen is a no-brainer for investment, here are the reasons why: no start-up at its early stage, has already have a working product implemented in 113 municipalities. Moreover, the product has been used by many thousands of users in the Netherlands.

We have a solid team with talented people who have great technical skills, and in-depth knowledge of smart parking and blockchain. We have formed a smart platform that has an active client base and already generate revenue.

The local and national governments, commercial parking providers, providers of front-end parking apps, route information systems such as car manufacturers, emergency services, and developers are all on our platform and ready to help us to expand to different markets.

We have already proved that we are a workable business model in the Netherlands and the company is ready to launch the product to the global market.

Parksen is a no-brainer for your investment because we have a lot of room to grow internationally with a large scale of growth.

We have the product on the market!
We have a client base!
We have big European projects down the road!
We would like to invite you to join us now since the opportunity is rare.
Seize the opportunity today!

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