Why self-driving cars are no threat to smart parking?

When we think about a self-driving car, what scenario would come to mind?

Usually, two scenarios will come to mind, the first one is: you are getting into the car, telling the car the location you want to get to, and it just drives from there. The second scenario, and the most fun one, is that you get into the car in the morning, and just sleep in the car, after all it will still take you to work without doing anything.

But some might ask if a car can be self-driven, do we still need smart parking?


Well, the short answer is, that even if the self-driving car is self-driven, it will still have to park at a certain point.

Even if you look at cars that are electric cars, so we don’t look the waste of the fuel if you continuously drive in one of them, we still have to deal with the over-crowded infrastructure, due to the continuous flow of the cars, as well as the need of the cars to recharge.
We here at Parksen, understand that parking in one form or another is here to stay! Whether it is with self-driving cars now, or flying cars in the future. The only changes are the frontiers we in the parking industry are ready to do to fit this new reality.


We are here to provide smart parking. For example, Parksen has two partners who are proving electrical charging polls. We deliver the parking sites for the car, and they deliver the charging polls to refill it. Such cooperation is going to be very common, as the cities are looking for greener, smarter and more connected platform.

Moreover, the case for self-driving cars helps start-ups like Parksen, grow even faster, as we are ahead of the curve with new, innovative technologies.
Potentiality, the so-called threats, into the new symbiotic relationship between the cars and the parking spots, is our new territory. To understand more about the new technology we use, you’re welcome to read more about our partners and technologies on the parking presentations attached below:

  1. Our One Pager
  2. Our Whitepaper
  3. The PARQ token distribution
  4. Our executive Summary
  5. Our Forecast for Market Share
  6. The Parksen Presentation
  7. PARQ Token Economics

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