3 things PARQ wallet will solve for you!

The digital wallet is quite popular nowadays, a lot of people are using it in one version or another. When you are parking, you could use the PARQ wallet since it would solve a lot of problems in parking.

With the wallet, PARQ will help you to solve 3 problems:

Problem 1: Tired of the tedious process of check-in an out process for parking?
Solution: Use PARQ tokens to park efficiently!

Our app is developed to let us speed through the whole parking process. You do not need to wait in line for check-in and check-out from machines anymore, simply pushes a bottom on our app, and payments will be done easily through the internet. You could just pay on the cloud; how easy it is?!

Problem 2: Tired of not knowing how much tokens you have?
Solution: Check the balance in the wallet with easy steps!

After you register an account on our website, you will have an account that shows the balance of your PARQ tokens. You could apply for a wallet, from there, you could buy and sell tokens. Also, you could check the values of your PARQ tokens. This helps to manage your virtual wealth better. In the future, the digital wallet could also help you to organize from credit cards, membership cards, and customer loyalty cards etc.

Problem 3: Tired of paying so much on parking?
Solution: Pay only the time (in second) you park, not a full hour!

Usually, if you go with the traditional parking solution, you need to pay for the two hours even if you park only 1.5 hours in a parking space, so you waste 30 minutes’ money on parking. With Parksen’s digital solution, you would be charged only every second you park there. So even you park for only 15 minutes, you will be charged for that exact amount of time, not the full hour. Let Parksen be a money saver for you!

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